Week 3

This week I spent a big chunk of time modeling the existing building and starting to analyze some of the conditions in a bit more detail. I developed a 3D model based on my research and site photos and used that to produce a pretty good sized physical model as well as a couple different versions of the digi-model for use in analysis programs (Ecotect especially). I probably (well, ok, definitely) spent too much time modeling and drawing these existing components and not enough time working on my new program and building massing. I guess I’m a bit hesitant to start really jumping into it – but there isn’t much left to map now so I don’t have much choice – its time to start making something new out of it.

But I kind of had to go through the process of pulling the building apart piece by piece and getting a better handle on it – kind of like those football coaches who make the players walk around all day every day carrying the ball – eventually it’ll just become a part of you and you know it unconsciously – so I’m hoping if I sleep with this building under my pillow long enough I’ll really get to know it in that way. Also, its just fun to model stuff.


The Existing Building. Sketchup model.


Local site massing.

I built the 3D model in a way that allowed me to export it pretty quickly to a laser-cut model. It is good to have the physical model now that I can spin around and mess with.




1/8th inch scale museum board. Laser Cut.

I also started analyzing the building and site in Ecotect. The site is incredibly exposed almost all day long, a little bit of shade from the late afternoon sun but other than that there isn’t much help from anybody nearby. So solar shading is going to have to be an important part of the facade. The daylight factor for the interior spaces is a little odd and I’m not sure if I’m getting the right numbers – I cam getting 2% coverage across the entire floor plate with spikes of up to 20% right at the big windows on the east and west. Kind of high I think, but it might be close – those are some big windows after all.


Site Overshadowing.


Floorplate Daylight Factor.



The program right now is a new grocery/market with a large restaurant and housing tower integrated with a greenhouse/ open-space which would produce fresh food for use in the restaurant and market, as well as serve as open space for the housing units. Its not worked out. Not by a long shot. But its a place to start.


Program spatial requirements.


first Massing.


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