A selection of stuff I’m reading that seems relevant to my thesis work.

Digital Design Stuff:

The Digital Design Ecosystem:Toward a Pre-Rational Architecture
by Paul Seletsky

The IFC Building Model: A Look Under the Hood
by Lachmi Khemlani

Proto-Building: To BIM is to Build
by John Tobin

Interoperability and Sustainable Design
by Sid Thoo

Innovate or Perish: New Technologies and Architecture’s Future
by David Celento

Digital Production in Architecture in the Digital Age
Branko Kolarevic

Tectonics, Economics and the Reconfiguration of Practice: The Case for Process Change by DIgital Means
Dennis R Shelden

Digital Tectonics: The Intersection of the Physical and the Digital
by Wassim Jabi

Making Digtial Architecture
by Kevin R. Klinger

Green Stuff:

Energy Modeling For Sustainability
by B.J. Novitski

Theory Stuff:

An Art of Instrumentality: Thinking Through Landscape Urbanism
by Richard Weller

Constructed Ground: Questions of Scale
by Linda Pollak

Urban Highways and the Reluctant Public Realm
by Jacqueline Tatom

Provocations, in the Loblolly House
by Stephen Kieran

Bridges, Envelopes and Horizons, in Irigaray for Architects
by Peg Rawes

Now, the SI, in The Most Radical Gesture
by Sadie Plant

Programming the Urban Surface
Alex Wall

Machine Language
by Greg Lynn

Diagrams of Diagrams: Architectural Abstraction and Modern Representation
by Anthony Vidler

Figures, Doors and Passages
by Robin Evans

Practice Vs. Project
by Stan Allen

What Things Do: Philosophical Reflections on Technology, Agency and Design
by Peter-Paul Verbeek

The Practice of Everyday Life
by Michel De Certeau

Walking in the City

Spatial Stories

The Production of Space
by Henri Lefebvre

The Dynamics of Architectural Form
by Rudolph Anrheim

Architecture: Meaning and Place
by Christian Norberg-Schulz

Complexity and Contradiction in Modern Architecture
by Robert Venturi (Esp. Ch 9)

The Invisible Mask
by Andrea Kahn

The Origin of the Work of Art
by Martin Heidegger




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